Peel South Student Trustee Debate… Our Largest Event Yet!

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On Tuesday March 29, the AV Crew hosted a panel for candidates in the Student Trustee Election to attend and talk about their platforms. In all, we had 3 candidates plus our emcee on the stage, being live broadcast to YouTube!

Our largest set-up yet included the following:

2 projectors
1 portable projector screen
3 cameras + tripods
5 mics
3 computers
1 speaker
1 camera feed controller device (capture card, broadcast switcher, 3 tvs for inputs)
stage lights
several creations using adobe softwares
View the broadcast here.

“Best of” montage coming soon!

Big AV Week

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We will have a week full of AV events, coming up from Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th.

Because its an event which is everyday – 13th to 16th at lunch (Intramural), AV members will be able to sign up for when they want to participate in the events. **Maximum 3 members per event**

You can sign up on this docs by clicking HERE

or follow the link if not working:

New AV intro & Events documentation

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Hi everyone,

We have decided to start a side project, recording a bit of every single event and posting it on our website so by the end of the year we can remember what we had done. I decided to make an AV intro that you can play below, which will now be played at the beginning of each AV video.

We hope you have an awesome year at Erindale and in AV!

Thibault and Aliyan

***Please DO NOT put this video/animation on Facebook, because of their privacy policy, which gives Facebook FULL ownership of everything sent through their servers/services. Thanks you***


**If you have to download this intro to play it, please delete it after viewing it.**